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Our ProductAmbika patterns & Foundry Services founded by Mr. G. Elumalai in year 1988. The previous experience from M/s Laksmi pattern Works, Ambattur from 1971 to 1987 really helped him to gain a very good technical know – how on pattern making. 1988 the first purchase Order for the Company received from AUDCO INDIA LIMITED for manufacturing of 1/2” 3/4” and 1” IN-Valve Patterns.

The successful completion of the order, gave us recognition as AIL-approved PATTERN MANUFACTURE. Based on this GGC, BV, SVG, and LSV groups. We have started receiving orders from other customers.

  • Samco by 1992
  • Fisher Xomox by 1996

In 1997 we have manufactured First Largest pattern for AUDCO – 26” cl. 150 Plug Value Body and delivered to Sivanandha Steels, Ambattur.

  • Manufacturing such larger size Pattern was a real challenge for us.
  • Operating Floor area increased from 300 sqpt to 1900 sqpt. Manpower, Handling facility..... increased
  • 1998 – Lot of complicated Automobile Aluminum patterns for Bajaj Dhathu Udyog Nagpur Executed.
  • 2000 – 28” HRG A55 Body & 24” HRG A55 Body Pk-steel methoding manufactured
  • 2001-Upper India & Electro Steel, Lot of Aluminum patterns manufactured and supplied.
  • 2004 – First order From Flow serve 18” cl600 Valtek Body received.
From then till date AUDCO has been the prime customer and we have been manufacturing various Wood & Metal pattern Equipments ranging from 1 / 2” to 60” valve components for AUDCO. Mr. Arvind Gulati - Sales Director Serck Audco valves – UK, visited our pattern shop to see the progress On 3.11.2003, for 14” CL 1500 DIPV BODY & 20” CL 1500 DIPV BODY, Required for ENACANA Project, for castings to be poured at UK, we have completed the pattern work in 15 days. Mr. Arvind Gulati was very happy about our progress. Started with only TWO employees in the year 1988, now AMBIKA PATTERNS & FOUNDRY SERVICES running with 35 able technicians.
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